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Fishing on Kootenay Lake

Thanks to our customers who privately submitted these great photos

 Latest fish pics. submitted by others

If you fished Kootenay Lake and want tosubmit      click here *

Eli Hogg

A great catch for Young Eli Hogg (8 Yrs) - June 2021 West Arm Kootenay Lake ...1st rainbow on Grandap's (Larry Lee) Fly Rod  


Brad Werner 17 lbs 34 inches long caught  april  2021 on Kootenay Lake main body.      What a beautiful fish Brad Congratulations!!!


Logan Payne Age 8 caught this while fishing on the Arrow Lakes this summer 7 pounds  and 35 inches long  Look at that happy Smile!!  Not on our Kootenay but still worth a submit for Young Mr Payne.

Jan 16 Gerrard Rainbow Trout January 2020 Dolly with a Dolly
Kerry on Kootenay Lake Nov 2019  
  9 11 2019 What a tail!  Kootenay Lake Gerrard                                                            Eugene Oct 2019 Duncan Dolly
  Cathy Tompkins and her Duncan Dolly Oct 14 2019                                                Dec 28  2018 - 12 lb  dolly  West arm Kootenay lake

Pictures submitted by Split Shot   on Dec 28 2018 outing on Kootenay Lake West Arm 18 , 14 and  Main Lake 12 pounds


1st lucky Larry Derby

Frasier Watson  winning Rainbow Mark ( son of Lucky Larry) and Frasier with trophy Peter  Payne winning Dolly
Lucky Larry and his trophy Gerrard in 2012 

Split Shot Charters submitted this one ... a whopping 26 pounds for the 2013 season.  and the weather was fine too which makes it an extra special acheivment.!



Below...Rick of Trophy Trout and buddy John show off a week's good fishing on the lake here.  starting from the top John sports his 19 pound Gerrard Rainbow Trout ...then Rick with his 17 and then the rest are consecutively 17,15,15.5, 14.5 14 and the rest I did not post.

You will all be glad to know these fellows are catch and release fishermen and the trout are still in the lake for you to try your had at.

john with  19 lbs of gerrard rainbow trout dec 2011 rick 17lb bow dec john 17 opund bow released
trophy trout 2 trophy trout fising pics john trophy trout 3

 Thanks for the following  great December shots following , Kerry

Cal Jarvis reels in the big one while guide Kerry handles the net and Dimestore Fisherman TV Host Jim Hoey  lends vocal support.

Cal Jarvis fights the big one Kerry and customers with catch of day  
 kerry reed dec122011  reeladventuressubmissionnov 262011  

   Mike Aiken 20.5 lbs Feb 18 11  Mike Aiken feb 18 20.5 Gerrard rainbow trout

Feb 18 2011, Mike Aiken 20.5 pounds of Gerrard Rainbow Trout on Split Shot charter Trip


 17.5lb dolly   Jan  29 2011 two happy Split Shot Customers!  21 lb bow\



Split Shot Mike with a 21 lb bow  May 4 2010     


Jim Pendergraft 20.5 Rainbow May 2010 caught on a Split Shot Charter

April 28th   name...... 21lb Gerrard on S.S. Charters

and more from  Split Shot Charters Nov 2009

  Split Shot Charters submitted this one ... a whopping 26 pounds for the 2013 season.  and the weather was fine too which makes it an extra special acheivment.!

Some photos submitted by Steve Valentine to remind us of days gone by and hopes for a good season this year     
  Steve  Micah 
Tim  Steve   



Bye bye...........

...there is no greater satisfaction that a good fishing memory

All the fish in Steve submissions were released, something these fellas are tying to promote.

 Steve Valentine, Mike Thompson and the 25 lb 3oz Gerrard

.April '08 ....8lb 8 oz.... Talk about playing crazy 8's .. weight verified and photo taken at Gill&Gift


Geoff Smith 14 lb 4 oz Gerrard Rainbow March 9 2008

Kyle King 12 lb Gerrard and Geoff Smith 14lb 4 oz March 9 2008


Gordon Haughn and Pops and Friend


 April ...17.15 lb Bull Trout Apr 1 2007.

13.5 #Rainbow

16.2 #Rainbow


Gordon 18.6 #Rainbow

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