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May Long Weekend Gill and Gift  Rainbow Derby 2022


$75.00 entry fee

Net payout: 50,30,20


Do it for the kids!


Gill and Gift Family Pike minnow derby:

Kids derby will be held the 1st Sat of September (most often the labour day  weekend)

2022-3rd September


 Call 250-229-2113 for more information



Thanksgiving Derby






Easter Dolly Derby



GGood Friday to Sunday





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New Contests (see below) for the Kootenay Lake Incentive Program June 1- May31 2023

 Kokanee fishery west arm Open July 1and 2





May long weekend derby:

Thankyou for your participation in the Annual Gill and Gift  Rainbow Derby

The May long weekend derby has been a tradition in Balfour since 1998 when Mike Thompson of  Split Shot Charters started the derby in honour of a friend Bill King. In 2004 the derby was continued by Randy and Truus of Gill & Gift until its end in 2020. In 2021 Truus and Randy reinstated the derby as the Annual Gill and Gift Rainbow Derby.

We trust you had a wonderful time.

This year we had 27 participants at a gross of $2025.00 

The usual advertising expenses were not taken off the totoal and all the entry fees were paid back to the winners at  50/30 20 split.

Congratulations to all our winners

1st Place Debbie Radcliff 56.9cm for a prize of 1012.50

2nd place Eileen Garding 56.8 for a prize of $607.50

3rd Place Ward Martin 54.7 cm for a prize of $405.00

The second place was only 1cm behind the first place and the ladies held on to the end

Deb Radcliff is the 1st woman to ever win this derby and have her name on the trophy.

                Honourable mention and the winner of the first loser award  was Trevor Ferguson.

Door prize winners were Sam Knigsland, Ward Martin, Ed Gudjonson, Mark  Rivette,

Dave Satanove, Cloe Mariani, Terry Unwin and Trevor Ferguson

IF you have not already picked up your prize please call in at Gill and Gift and ask for it.



Deb Radcliff 1st Place 26.9 cm



Eileen Garding 56.8 cm


Ward Martin, Randy Zelonka, Eileen Garding, and Deb Radcliff





       4th place in the Gill and GIft Derby 2022 Trevor Ferguson 53 cm

New Contests for the Kootenay Lake Incentive Program June 1- May31 2023                 back to top


HOW to enter:

1. Catch a Rainbow or a Bull Trout on the main body of Kootenay Lake

2. Bring the head in to Gill & Gift or one of  the other drop off sites.

3. Enter the monthy draw for $1000.00 and automatically you are entred into the Grand Prize Draw in June 2023

          truck               side by side

The second contest is one for Kids 15 and under... 30 prizes including

 Kayaks, fishing equipment, Kokanee Zip line tickets,

Ainsworth Hot Springs Passes