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June 10 and 11th 2017 and the Balfour Ferry Landing

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We are located at the ferry landing in Balfour, British Columbia, in the middle of some of the best fishing in the world. Home of the Giant Gerrard Rainbow Trout, Big Bull Trout and the famous landlocked Kokanee, to to mention Whitefish, protected Sturgeon, and some Big Mouth Bass in the south end of the lake. Kids fish in the Gill and Gift fall derby for coarse fish as well. 

Our 1st goal is to be the best tackle/souvenir shop on Kootenay Lake, hence the name Gill & Gift.

Catching the giant Gerard Rainbow Trout in Kootenay Lake can be very frustrating. Colors, technique and location are critical. Your first stop should be at the Gill and Gift. We have the latest information and tackle you need to make your Kootenay Lake fishing trip a success. See our fishing page for  information to help you out.

If you are coming in from out of town, do call in and introduce yourself... we love to meet new fishers.  Our informed staff will be sure to help you with tackle choices and help you with the latest information on what is happening on the lake today.

Looking for a charter? give us a call and we can help hook you up. 

If you prefer to  shop on line...

We do mail products out from the store if you wish to go that way. Check out our selections of billies and flies on our e-catalogue page, or call and request ... and don't forget the fishing pictures in our photo galleries. If you call the store we will try to arrange to sell you anything we have on hand.  We have not listed the vast variety of supplies we have but you are welcome to ask about them when you call.


Be sure to stop in at the Gill and Gift when you are at the ferry terminal for local and tourist information and all your fishing needs.


   A smart fisherman fills up before he hits the water.



     WE ARE CURRENTLY SELLING 2016/17 FISHING/HUNTING LICENSES and TAGS and CLASSIFIED WATERS LICENSING AS WELL.   Note>The fishing regs book is good for 2 years so check your dates; guides are currently for the years of 2015/17.....new fishing licences are issued every April 1st. Fishing guides are also online.

Hunting Licencing is changing see our note


    important to local residents:


The Ministry of Transportation will hold an open house on June 15 to gather feedback on the possibility of moving the Balfour ferry terminal.

In a news release today, the ministry said such a move could enhance access and improve safety and service ferry users, but it wants input from residents and business owners.

"The continued safe and efficient operation of our inland ferry service is extremely important to our government, and to the travellers who rely on it," Transportation Minister Todd Stone said.

"The issues we're facing with the current terminal require action, through the development of a plan that works for the local community. Public input is a major consideration for my ministry as we assess our options."

The current location of the Balfour terminal, where it has been since 1947, presents challenges for marine and vehicle traffic, the ministry said. The narrows on the West Arm of Kootenay Lake is becoming increasingly shallow, damaging the hull of the MV Osprey 2000. The increase in pleasure boat traffic, particularly during summer, is also a concern for the ferry operator, the ministry said.

During peak season, vehicles can back up onto Highway 31 and Highway 3A, creating traffic safety concerns. Traffic volumes can also slow the unloading of vehicles, resulting in delays to the ferry schedule.

During the 1990s, the idea of moving either or both the Balfour and Kootenay Bay terminals was studied extensively before it was decided to upgrade existing facilities to accommodate the new MV Osprey 2000.

A 2012 consultant’s report suggested a site on the north side of Queens Bay as the best bet for a new Kootenay Lake ferry terminal.

“There [would be] a potential increase in service levels, a reduction in operating costs, and improvement in overall risk profile for the Kootenay Lake ferry service if the terminal on the west side is relocated from Balfour to Queens Bay,” the relocation study’s summary reads.

The study looked at four potential locations at Queens Bay, two on the north side and two on the south. While all were considered viable, a site on Crown land half a kilometre south of McEwan Point and adjacent to Highway 31A was identified as the most promising spot.

In 2015, the ministry hired SNC Lavalin to further analyze several potential ferry sites as well as the existing Balfour site. The report was delivered in March but its findings have not yet been made public.

Beginning June 15, residents will have an opportunity to review the options and provide their feedback. An open house is scheduled that day at the Redfish elementary school gym from 5 to 8 p.m. An online survey will also be available until July 6 at gov.bc.ca/balfourterminal.

Ferry service on Kootenay Lake currently operates between Balfour on the west side and Kootenay Bay on the east side. The nine kilometre crossing takes about 35 minutes and boasts of being the longest free ferry ride in the world. The MV Osprey 2000 provides year-round service with the MV Balfour supplementing the summer service.


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EVERY YEAR  is the Gill and Gift Family Pike Minnow Derby

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